Can't Tell - a video by Dominik Schneider

Can't Tell - a video by Dominik Schneider

Our Arrow & Beast Team Rider Denis Nitsche and Dominik Schneider are good friends. Very good friends. Their shared passion for perfection and drive to achieve more in life led to the inevitable - a skateboarding documentary clip par excellence.

"Can't tell" hails from not being able to speak on certain topics when the law is involved. Like "don't kiss and tell" or "what happens in vegas .." we stick to the G code and simply can't tell.

Denis Nitsche wie a long a&$ crooked grind to nollie frontside flip out

The video premiered at SKTWK (aka Skateweek) '23 in Frankfurt in front of a crowd of wilding skateboarders and friends. (editors note: I sat right next to Elissa Steamer and Leo Baker - and both loved it)

"Can't tell" was filmed over the course of 3 years in Stuttgart, Mannheim and Frankfurt, and features a guest appearance of another good homie, Anthony Sörnsen. Four minutes and one second long - yet feeling just too short, "Can't tell" is a wild ride of technical skateboarding.

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Dominik Schneider

Dominik Schneider is a cinematographer and photographer from Stuttgart with published works for Pocket Skate Mag, Nike SB, music videos and even fashion brands like DRYKORN and has contriubted work to several other projects such as adidas "Awaydays".