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“Oh brother, I’ve been dreaming...”

Old friends meet again in an intimate artistic collaboration between international skate brand RASSVET and Los Angeles-based artist Julian Klincewicz. This collection seamlessly merges Klincewicz’s vibrant vision with RASSVET’s signature style, offering a fresh perspective on contemporary streetwear.

Inspired by Klincewicz’s poetic musings and nostalgic reflections, the collection embodies
a sense of freedom, joy, and adventure. From knitwear to denim, t-shirts to eyewear, each piece serves as a canvas for Klincewicz’s artistic expression, bringing his evocative imagery to life.

“I formed the collection around a poem & song that I’ve been working on for some time,” explains Klincewicz. “It’s one of freedom, of youthful joy and adventure, of exploration & intimacy. I wanted to capture the essence of skateboarding and fashion, and how both have shaped me and brought communities together.”

Rooted in a shared passion for creativity and collaboration, the partnership between RASSVET and Klincewicz feels like a homecoming. “Both skating and fashion have brought us together, have shaped us,” recalls Klincewicz. “The two develop in tandem and at their best form a kind of conversation. And I wanted to participate in that conversation again.”

The collection features a medley of artworks - photographic images, drawings, and excerpts of poetry - all woven together to evoke a sense of boyhood freedom. From soft grass fields to sherbet-fire sunsets, each piece contributes to a larger constellation of memories and experiences.

Founded in 2016 by skateboarder Tolya Titaev, RASSVET has become synonymous with community-building within the skateboarding world. The brand’s fresh vision is rooted in international friendships through its skate team, a collaborative approach to design, and artist features from across the world.

Julian Klincewicz, a multi-disciplinary artist known for his textural and colorful approach
to image-making, brings a wealth of experience and insight to the collaboration. His work, spanning photography, film, and music, has captivated audiences around the world, earning him collaborations with leading artists and brands.

Joining forces with Italian eyewear brand retrosuperfuture, the collection offers a holistic experience of style and craftsmanship. Founded in 2007 by Daniel Beckerman, retrosuperfuture is renowned for its contemporary designs and commitment to quality, perfectly complementing the aesthetic of the RASSVET x Julian Klincewicz collaboration.

As skate culture intersects with artistic expression, the RASSVET x Julian Klincewicz collaboration invites enthusiasts to embark on a journey of self-discovery and creativity. With each piece telling a unique story, this collection celebrates the spirit of adventure and the enduring bond between art, fashion, and skateboarding.