Thrasher - "Thrash and Burn" Stuttgart

Thrasher - "Thrash and Burn" Stuttgart

Everything started with a pretty mellow call from our Spitfire distributers Urban Supplies, if we would like to host a tour stop demo with them in Stuttpartk, our go to partner in crime when a reliable venue is needed for skateboarding and such. "sure" was our answer. Little did we know this would all culminate in both the most intensive and extensive skateboard happening in Stuttgart history!

The mixed roster of high caliber professional skateboarders was put together by Jake Phelps of Thrasher and featured Oskar Rozenberg (aka Ozki), Kyle Walker, Ishod Wair, Raven Tershey, Evan Smith, Louie Lopez, Raney Beres, Cory Kennedy, Zion Wright, Frank Gerwer just to name a couple. The Legend Phelps of course was present as well!

On June 9th 2017, they came, saw and conquered Stuttgart and Stuttpark and tore down the place. Things un-imagionable to us both in creativity and complexity. Quite literally blowing our brains out. Besides the official video by Thrasher Magazine, Stuttpark has some alternative angles on the madness, filmed by our homie Dominik Schneider.

The house was filled to the brim with spectators. Even in this field the Thrasher guys gave us new perspectives - as every inch anybody could stand on was occupied. People on fences, walls and crammed into corners. All eyes on the action.

Thanks to Jake Phelps and the guys for coming out here! Thank you to Urban Supplies and Phil Anderson of Stuttpartk for making this happen.

We witnessed history in the making that day.

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Jake Phelps

(Sep 24, 1962 – Mar 14, 2019 †)

James Kendall Phelps was born in San Francisco, CA.

Phelps dropped out of high school by the end of the 70s.

Phelps started to work for Thrasher in the beginning of the 80's. In 1993, after boxing merchandise for a few years in the shipping department at Thrasher, Phelps was promoted to editor, where he remained for 26 years.

Jake was the face of Thrasher and embodied the everything goes mentality like no other. Always true to the game like a mascot of what skateboarding should be. Raw, pure and fucked up.