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Last Resort AB is a Sweden based independent shoe company. Co-founded by Pontus Alv of Polar Skate Co.

Their motto is BREAK FREE

Shoes made by and for Skateboarders around the world, girls and boys, out there on the streets having fun. Bein creative. No corporate backing - nobody to tell em what to do. And nobody should be telling you as well.

Last Resort produces high-end footwear that is produced under fair conditions with a focus on minimalism and quality. Stripping it down to the very core and thus delivering a really classic shoe that stands for it's self as a modern sophisticated piece of footwear. The simplistic designs work well with streetwear too. Are prefect for workwear styles and obviously on the board.

We offer a wide range of Last Resort AB skate shoes in many colors. Buy Last Resort shoes online at Arrow & Beast or in Stuttgart.