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adidas x Pop Trading Co

Amsterdam’s very own Pop Trading Company has grown considerably in the nine years it’s been in existence. Expanding their collection into a desired menswear label, all whilst keeping a foot firmly planted in skateboarding is something Pop have done such an amazing job of. This collaboration between adidas Skateboarding and Pop Trading Co is very much a meeting of minds and direction as skate culture continues to spread its influence across the fashion spectrum.

From the start, Pop was very keen to use a Terrex hiking shoe, a style that personally resonated with them and also something they found humorous due to the lack of any hills in the flat country of Holland. With the Dutch wet weather also providing inspiration, the whole collection is designed with durability for both skateboard- ing and outdoor life.

“Skateboarders have always worn tech outdoor product and it’s been a part of Pop’s direction since we started” points out Kolks, who was eager to bridge the gap between technical and skateboard apparel. This outdoor narrative was the spark that kick-started the design direction and will shape the upcoming campaign.


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