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The 1954 born Shawn Stussy was a rebellious and talented surfboard shaper. Shawn tagged his creations with a bold marker by slapping his family name in a unique hand written style on it. This later iconic logo actually derived from his uncle Jan's real signature. To promote and push his boards further, he started printing this signature on t-shirts, mixed in with punk rock and new wave infusions. Stüssy spent his summers surfing, and winters skating on Mammoth Mountain. Where he ultimately met Frank Sinatra Jr. a certified Public Accountant - and his later business partner. This renegade Partnership would forever influence the way people think about a successful brand. In 1988 Stussy expanded to Europe, while opening the own Stussy Boutique in SoHo - NY, and other locations throughout the 1990's. In merely a couple of years, the brand managed to get sold and listed in accounts that carry high price segments, alongside other brands that had the "California lifestyle" and surfing influence, but in many cases just besides high end designer clothes. After 32 years in the game, Stüssy has outlasted numerous trends while birthing an industry of clothing brands that focus on limited runs, basic wardrobe staples, and the self-aware mirroring of high-fashion labels and pop culture tropes. Stüssy remains a self-made phenomenon.

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