Collection: Hélas


Founded in 2012, HÉLAS Limited formerly know as HÉLAS caps, is a Toulouse based skateboarding and street wear brand from France. First heavily into headwear, HÉLAS soon evolved into much more. Now producing everything from t-shirts, hoodies, track suits and other cut'n sew pieces. HÉLAS is probably most known for the iconic Umbrella (UMB) logo embroidered and printed on various garments over the years.

HÉLAS focuses on stylish, sporty & easy to wear clothes with simple yet sophisticated color blocking schemes, alsmost alike fashion companies like Lacoste, Polo Sport or Tommy Hilfiger. Making great additions for your closet in matters of style, comfort or as your day to day choice when going to the skate session.

On the skateboarding side HÉLAS has a great roster of club members such as Luy-Pa Sin, Youness Amrani, Brian Peacock, Lucien Clarke, JB Gillet, Benny Fairfax just to name a few.

HÉLAS has had a couple of big collaborations with adidas skateboarding and recently partnered up with the higher end Paraboot, setting the path for bigger things.

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