Collection: Call Me 917


Call Me 917 or NineOneSeven is Alex Olson's sucessfull second and more core skate oriented project besides Bianca Chandon. Olson himself son of skate legend Steve Olson, has early stepped inside the skate business with high tier sponsors like Girl Skateboards. After departing from these sponsors, the innovative and fashion heavy Bianca was created and rapidly became popular amongst Artists like ASAP Rocky and Virgil Abloh.

The brand soon got out of reach for people who actually skate, not even being available at skate shops. So to speak feeding off the cool skate image, but not giving back. And Alex not being happy about that status. Olson's guilty conscience spawned Call Me. A brand that falls right in between the fashion world and core skateboarding. With new products and hardware to support new team riders.

Bianca Chandon, he explains, has always been more of an experiment into his interests beyond skateboarding, like music, fashion, and photography. With two separate brand frameworks in place, Bianca will continue to be his outlet for special collaborations and full cut and sew collections, and Call Me 917 will begin supporting a new set of skaters in a more traditional approach. In 2016 Call Me has collaborated with Nike SB to create a high class capsule collection. With a sporty chiq.

Call Me 917 is provocative, tries to bring back the essence of joy in a superlative skateboarding scene, and to break walls in the male homophobic vision of it. Alex himself not being afraid to stand in the front row. We are proud to be one of the few selected partners globally to have NineOneSeven. Browse our 917 section to shop Call Me in Europe or world wide. Arrow and Beast is the best place to shop or buy Call me 91 online, because I say so and we all got pretty hair. So buy it in Germany, buy it in Europe.