Collection: Chrystie NYC


In October 2016, the professional Skateboarder Aaron Herrington and the Photographer Pep Kim started a project with the mutual interest of making something new based off the energy and spirit of the emerging and evolving Downtown New York Skate Culture. The Flavor of the Big Apple. Chrystie's goal is to support street skating but also keeping the urban culture creative and exciting. The roster of this fresh new brand hosts the skateboarders Aaron Herrington, Richie Rizzo, Josh Wilson, Nate Pezzillo and John Baragwanath.

Pep worked for campaigns of big companies like adidas, Stone Island and in the fashion scene. The bonding piece between them is the Chinatown Soccer Club NY, a team both of them are part of - including some other names like the east coast Quasi boys Richie Rizzo and Josh Wilson. Chrystie aims to not only promote projects that share Herrington and Kim’s mutual admiration for the institution of skateboarding, but the elevation of those that define it.

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