Collection: GX1000

The San Francisco GX1000 crew is a loosely organized gang of misfit skateboarders and graffiti enthusiasts who are bound together mostly by a shared appetite for positive vibes, high speeds, and copious amounts of Northern California’s famous high-potency marijuana.

Some of the GX boys are pro skaters. Others are amateurs. All of them are confident and freakishly physically gifted. The crew centers around Ryan Garshell, the based skate filmer whose nickname combines his last initial with the model of camera he uses: The Sony VX1000. Hence GX1000

Garshell moved to San Francisco in 2008 and has become a skate world hero for his short video edits. These mostly feature insane, jaw dropping hill-bombs. Now he is feature and Thrasher Magazine’s in-house shooter and worked with companies like Converse.

What started as a small run of merch to promote Garshell’s film projects has quickly become a full-blown brand beloved by many core skateboarders and shops all across the globe, from small brick and mortars to the likes of SUPREME.

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