Chrystie NYC

Chrystie NYC

Chrystie NYC

The Birth of Chrystie NYC: A Tribute to Downtown New York's Skate Culture

In October 2016, professional skateboarder Aaron Herrington and photographer Pep Kim embarked on a project born from their shared interest in creating something new that captures the energy and spirit of the burgeoning skate culture in Downtown New York. Inspired by the unique flavor of the Big Apple, Chrystie NYC aims not only to support street skating but also to creatively and excitingly preserve urban culture. The brand brings a fresh perspective to the skateboarding lifestyle and celebrates the authenticity and diversity of the skate community.

A Community of Skateboarders and Creatives:

The roster of supporters of this emerging brand includes skateboarders like Aaron Herrington, Richie Rizzo, Josh Wilson, Nate Pezzillo, and John Baragwanath. These talented athletes represent the heart and soul of the New York skate scene, bringing their passion for skating into the designs and products of Chrystie NYC. Together with photographer Pep Kim and other creative minds from the fashion scene, they form a community that lives and celebrates the values and culture of skateboarding.

The Fusion of Skateboarding and Fashion:

Pep Kim, known for his work on campaigns for major companies like adidas and Stone Island, brings his unique aesthetic and sense of style to the brand. The collaboration between Aaron Herrington and Pep Kim at the Chinatown Soccer Club NY, a team that also includes other notable figures like Richie Rizzo and Josh Wilson, demonstrates the close connection between skateboarding and fashion. Chrystie NYC is more than just a skate brand - it is an expression of a lifestyle that blurs the boundaries between skateboarding, art, and fashion.

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