Dime MTL

Dime MTL

Dime MTL

Dime MTL: A Skateboarding Phenomenon from Montreal

Dime, formerly known as Dime MTL, originates from the vibrant skate scene of Montreal, Canada. What began as a tight-knit group of skateboarders sharing their unconventional perspectives on the industry, art, and fashion has since transformed into a powerhouse in the skate and streetwear world. With their quirky charm and unique approach, Dime has captured the attention of enthusiasts worldwide, earning them widespread recognition and acclaim.

Evolution into a Global Brand:

From humble beginnings, Dime has risen to prominence with their signature events like the Dime Glory Challenges, which have become synonymous with innovation and excitement in the skateboarding community. Their consistent presence in publications like Thrasher Magazine has solidified their status as a major player in the industry. With flagship stores popping up in key cities around the world, Dime has expanded beyond its roots as a "homie brand" and established itself as a serious contender in both streetwear and fashion.

The Iconic Dime Logo:

Dime's logo font has become instantly recognizable among enthusiasts, embodying a sense of insider knowledge and belonging. It's the kind of logo that sparks curiosity and intrigue, leaving you itching to uncover the brand behind the design. But by the time you realize its origins, Dime is already ahead of the game, reinforcing the idea that it's all about "knowing" and embracing the community ethos of skateboarding culture.

Premium Apparel for Skate and Street:

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Exclusive Dime MTL Collection:

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