Always Do What You Should Do



Founded by Nick Mason, Always Do What You Should Do has evolved from an idea that was founded in Mason’s hometown of New Zealand, taking inspiration from skate and surf brands such as Rip Curl, Billabong, and Quicksilver to create post-Y2K garments to create easy-going streetwear styles for skate and surf enthusiasts throughout the U.K.’s capital and beyond. And while the brand’s marketing tactics come fairly similar to other labels — with off-the-cuff garment drops with not much notice — the label is regularly supplying durable skatewear that includes relaxed-fit tracksuits, oversized silk shirts, graphic T-shirts, and accessories that are designed for life on the coast.

"Always do what you should do" is a moral principle or a maxim that emphasizes the importance of acting in accordance with what is right, just, or morally correct in any given situation. It suggests that individuals should make decisions and take actions based on their moral obligations, principles, or duties rather than simply following their desires or impulses.

This principle aligns with various ethical theories such as deontology, which emphasizes the importance of adhering to moral rules or duties, regardless of the consequences. It also resonates with the concept of virtue ethics, which focuses on developing virtuous character traits and acting in accordance with those virtues.

In essence, "always do what you should do" encourages individuals to act ethically, responsibly, and in a manner that upholds moral values and principles, even when faced with difficult choices or temptations.


Introducing Always Do What You Should Do – a UK based brand born for the adventurous spirits, blending functionality with urban style seamlessly. Aiming combine practicality and trendiness.

Founded by Nick Mason, a proud New Zealander, Always Do What You Should Do captures the essence of both outdoor escapades and city life.

For Always, its brand ethos always keeps community at heart. Best seen during its exclusive collaboration and pop-up store with UK rapper Loyle Carner, the duo came together to create a family-tied event that welcomed fans from far and wide. With this in mind, the brand’s latest collection takes a part of its campaign to the streets of London, the same place that continues to build and support the brand upon each limited release.

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Experience the ethos of Always Do What You Should Do – where practicality meets style, and adventure awaits.