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Quasi Skateboards

Quasi Skateboards

The Legacy of Quasi Skateboards

Quasi Skateboards, an independent company based in Ohio, represents more than just skateboarding. Founded as Mother Collective after the collapse of Alien Workshop, the company strives to create its own identity. While the original wordplay "Mother Board" didn't quite stick, the creativity and passion behind Quasi are unmistakable.

An Artistic Vision

Johnson and his team at Quasi Skateboards have managed to overcome the corporate blues by infusing their work with honest and raw emotions. The style they define is not only artistic but also unconventional. From collages of photographs to prints inspired by acid trips, their designs offer a new perspective on skateboard culture. Yet, their artistic ambition extends beyond the boards, manifesting in their clothing line that blends American college heritage with contemporary flair.

Quasi at Arrow and Beast: A Synergy of Creativity

At Arrow and Beast, both online and offline, you'll find products from Quasi Skateboards. This partnership reflects a shared appreciation for innovation and authenticity. Tyler Bledsoe, Gilbert Crockett, Jake Johnson, and the latest addition, Al Davis, have shaped Quasi Skateboards' heavy team and continue to set new standards in the skateboard scene.

Quasi Skateboards lifes diversity and inclusion

Quasi Skateboards goes beyond just skating and raises questions that are often uncomfortable. Their commitment to diversity and inclusion is reflected not only in their team composition but also in their creative expression. By addressing the race question, Quasi Skateboards encourages an open and honest discussion about societal issues that are often taboo.