Dickies Skate

Dickies Skate

Dickies Skate

Dickies: A Legacy of Quality Workwear

For over a century, Williamson-Dickie Manufacturing Company, better known as Dickies, has been synonymous with premium-quality pants. Originating from Fort Worth, Texas, Dickies initially focused on producing work-related clothing and accessories. Its reputation for durable materials, simple cuts, and affordability quickly garnered popularity among both the working class and cultural icons alike.

From Workwear to Lifestyle Brand:

While Dickies' roots lie in workwear, the brand has expanded into the lifestyle segment, giving rise to Dickies Skate and Dickies '67. This segment specializes in garments tailored to meet the specific demands of skateboarding, offering the right fit and feel for skaters. Featuring stretch, durability, and material resilience, the '67 collection boasts fabric blends designed specifically for skateboarding. From flexibility to durability, Dickies even offers Kevlar®-reinforced pants to withstand the rigors of skating.

Custom-Made Apparel:

At Arrow & Beast, we stock a wide range of Dickies work pants and chinos, including Dickies 874 and Dickies 873 Double Knee Work Wear Pants. Our selection caters to those seeking both durability and style, making Dickies the go-to choice for skaters, workers, and fashion enthusiasts alike.

Explore the Dickies Collection at Arrow & Beast:

Browse our brand section and find your perfect pair of Dickies pants in our online store or visit us in Stuttgart. With a commitment to quality and craftsmanship, Dickies continues to set the standard for rugged, dependable apparel that stands the test of time. Experience the legacy of Dickies and discover why it remains a trusted name in workwear and streetwear fashion.