Bye Jeremy

Bye Jeremy

Bye Jeremy

Bye Jeremy: The Skateboard-Indie Movement from Paris

A Journey through Paris' Skateboard-Indie Scene

Welcome to the exciting world of Bye Jeremy, the skateboard-indie brand hailing directly from the heart of Paris. Born in the apartments of its founders, Bye Jeremy embodies the fashion, punk rock, and pop culture of the 90s in a whole new rebellious way. By tearing apart band and brand logos and screen printing them onto t-shirts and hoodies, Bye Jeremy creates a unique style that has conquered the streets of Paris and beyond. Discover the homemade feel and unmistakable character of Bye Jeremy as you browse through our collection.

The Team of Bye Jeremy

At Bye Jeremy, it's all about community and solidarity. Learn more about talented street skateboarders like Luca Barattiero for Arrow & Beast Paris or Carlisle Aikens, who rides for Chocolate Skateboards, and be inspired by their skill and passion. These athletes are not only experts on the board but also ambassadors for the culture and lifestyle that Bye Jeremy embodies.

The Art of Expression

Through their clips like "Alright, Yeah" or "Good Riddance," Bye Jeremy gets their message across with cheeky social commentary and loud punk rock riffs. Dive into the world of Bye Jeremy and discover the artistic fusion of skateboarding, art, and culture that makes their brand so unique.

The Butterfly as a Symbol

The butterfly is at the heart of Bye Jeremy's aesthetic. With its delicate beauty and symbolic meaning, the butterfly embodies the freedom and transformation that drives the brand. Get a piece of this aesthetic with Butterfly shirts or Bye Jeremy hoodies, available online at Arrow & Beast or in our store in Stuttgart. Explore the unique world of Bye Jeremy and let yourself be swept away by their rebellious energy.