Glue Skateboards

Glue Skateboards, Leo Baker, Cher Strauberry and Stephen Ostrowski. Buy Glue Skateboards online at Arrow & Beast Stuttgart skateshop

Glue Skateboards

The Skateboarding Revolution through Diversity

Leo Baker, Cher Strauberry, and Stephen Ostrowski are at the forefront of a movement that brings much-needed diversity to skateboarding. As queer individuals, they have not only centered their passion for skateboarding but also founded their own company, bringing their unique perspectives and experiences to the scene. Their stories are multifaceted and rich in meaning, and the establishment of their own company marks a significant step towards equality and inclusion in skateboarding.


The Significance of Queerness in Skateboarding

Leo Baker, Cher Strauberry, and Stephen Ostrowski have shattered the traditional image of skateboarders, showing that skateboarding is for everyone, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or background. Their presence in the skate community is a powerful statement for the acceptance and recognition of LGBTQ+ athletes and creatives. Through their company, they bring their unique voices into the world of skateboarding, inspiring others to stay true to themselves and forge their own paths.

The Vision of Glue-Skateboards:

Glue-Skateboards is more than just a skateboard brand - it is a movement that stands for diversity, equality, and inclusion. With a wide range of skateboards and accessories, Glue-Skateboards offers high-quality products for all skateboarders, regardless of their background or identity. Through their unique designs and message of self-acceptance and self-realization, Glue-Skateboards inspires a new generation of skaters who celebrate their individuality and take pride in being themselves.

The Selection of Glue-Skateboards at Arrow & Beast:

At Arrow & Beast, we are proud to offer an extensive selection of Glue-Skateboards and accessories. Whether you're looking for a new skateboard, wheels, trucks, or other skateboard accessories, you'll find everything you need to enhance your skateboarding experience. By purchasing Glue-Skateboards at Arrow & Beast, you're not only supporting an innovative and diverse brand but also contributing to the promotion of diversity and inclusion in the skate community. Discover our selection today and experience the magic of Glue-Skateboards!